Meet Scoring Just Got Easier

Gymnastics Meet Scoring for both Age Group and High School Meets

Men's or Women's, high school divisions or levels and age groups, Chalked Up Scores has you covered with four different styles of meets. Chalked Up Scores includes mobile score entry, a scoreboard, a digital score table, and live results posted to the web.


  • Score entry using any internet connected device.
  • Scoreboard is an automatically refreshing webpage.
  • Four styles of meet set-up: Women's levels and age groups, Men's levels and age groups, Women's high school divisions, and Men's high school divisions.
  • Easily split meet into multiple sessions.
  • With six of your own internet connected devices (eight for men's meets), you can have score entry at each event, a score table computer to monitor the meet, and a scoreboard.
  • Show results live on the web for spectators to view.

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USAG and AAU Meets

Host an AAU or USAG meet using Chalked Up Scores. In six steps you can create a meet with levels and age groups, and seperate your meet into multiple sessions. During the meet, judges enter their scores using any internet connected device, and the hosts can watch the scores come in on an automatically updating score table page, display the scores as they are entered on a scoreboard, and publish the results at to allow live results viewing. Once the session has concluded, present results quickly with the awards presentation tool and keep your meet moving!

High School Meets

High School meet set up means you simply enter the gyms attending, and then the names, gym, and division for each of the athletes. You can set up multiple sessions and choose which gyms will be attending each session. Divisions work similar to age groups, where athletes will compete against others in their divison for event and all around results, but athletes from any division can count towards the team results.

Mobile App for Easy Judging

For easy score entry, judges can now use the Chalked Up Scores mobile app to enter scores. If judges use the mobile app, you can easily switch the session that they are judging from the score table webpage.

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Chalked Up Scores uses a yearly subscription. For $250.00 per year, you can host an unlimited number of meets. Chalked Up Scores does not require specialized hardware. You can use any internet connected device to enter scores and see results.

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